The “Before” Part 1

darylsJake and I had known each other for 14 years.  We were introduced by his sister, who was a friend of mine.  She frequently said things to me like, “You have to meet my brother, Jake”, “I really think you and Jake would get along”, and finally (the clincher) “He kind of looks like Matt Damon”.  COUNT ME IN!  But alas, I was living with my boyfriend at the time.  Oh well.  Matt Damon (I mean, Jake), was clearly meant for another lifetime…until “The Daryls” came to town. (“The Daryls” pictured).

Jake played the bass in a punk band called “The Daryls”.  They were coming to play a show at a dive bar called “The Rat Haus” in Moscow, Idaho (which was near where I was living at the time).  His sister invited me to the show.  My boyfriend at the time bailed at the last minute, so I went solo.  I entered the establishment hesitantly-unable to locate my friend (which would have been easy because there were about 7 people there).  Ultimately, I asked a young, good looking man (who turned out to be one of Jake’s best friends from childhood and a fellow member of the band) if he was my friend’s brother.  As he looked around to try to find Jake, my friend (Jake’s sister) walked in.  Phew.  Now I could cling to her side (which I literally did sometimes when we drank together–I’d hook my elbow through her arm and we’d walk around like we were on a mission).

Brief introductions were made prior to the show.  My initial thought was “Hmm–he really does kind of resemble Matt Damon”.  We didn’t have much time to chat before the show started.  I didn’t really “get” the music, but I drank a lot of bad beer and watched Jake.  He was wearing cargo shorts and sandals….WITH SOCKS!  Who does that?

After the show, I drank some more with Jake and his buddies.  We ended up back at his sister’s house (I couldn’t drive home) and he graciously offered me the bed as he lied on the floor.  We stayed up talking all night long and I knew from that point on that Jake was something special and I intended to make him an important part of my life.

Not long after I met Jake, I broke up with my boyfriend, packed up my stuff, and moved to Seattle (where Jake lived).  We began seeing each other immediately and I rarely missed a “Daryls” show.  I even grew to like the music!  I didn’t even notice his cargo shorts with socks and sandals issue anymore.


One response to “The “Before” Part 1

  1. Memories: I remember how we contemplated getting walkie-talkies for our “missions” when drinking. I still think this may be a good idea. This section also made me think about the day after you and Jake met, when he tried to casually bring up to me how much he liked your eyes, but there really wasn’t a casual way to work that in. 🙂 He was smitten. I loved the part of your wedding in which the priest quoted Jake saying (writing?) about how to him, the world is in black and white but you are in color. I think it was always that way for him, from the start.


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